of the stronghold, in the strong wind, I smoked a cigarette and said, “Fat man. Do you think I should ask Mr. Sha to lend me some troops?”

of the stronghold, in the strong wind, I smoked a cigarette and said, “Fat man. Do you think I should ask Mr. Sha to lend me some troops?”
Even without turning around, I could tell by my breath that the fat man was behind me. He smiled and said : “You decide for yourself. Anyway, you must go back to save people. If you borrow the soldiers, you still have a chance to rescue Lingqian. If you don’t borrow the soldiers, you may have to help yourself. This is not the first time that we owe others a favor. Maybe Sha Lao said You’re right, it’s impossible to get out of the world. Once you enter the world, you’ll never look back.”
The hand in his coat pocket subconsciously clenched his fist, and after a moment he threw the cigarette butt on the ground and shouted back. ” Damn it. I’m going to borrow troops! Come on, drive me to see Mr. Sha!”
/Mr. Sha’s request is very simple. He will lend me men and horses, and I will go with him to find Xianshan. As for the successor, he didn’t mention it. In fact, everyone knew it well even if he didn’t mention it.
Yuyang Ling Family, the headquarters of the Ling Family is a standard large house with three entrances and three exits. It is not a problem to accommodate hundreds of people. The gate still looks like the old house in the old-time pictorials, and there is a plaque on the door with the words Lingfu written on it.
People and horses were constantly coming and going from the Ling family these days, and there were at least dozens of spies staring at the door. Changes in the big family have always been big news in the world.
In the inner hall, an old man who looked like he was almost dying was sitting in the temple, with Junya sitting next to him. The inner hall below was full of people. Talking incessantly, the old man raised his hand, wearing a beautiful and exquisite red agate ring, and knocked on the table lightly, and all the sounds in the inner hall immediately stopped.
“What do you think about the new head of the family?” He asked, and everyone started talking again. The old man frowned slightly, and his voice stopped again.
“In my opinion, few of you are more capable than Linghuan, but that doesn’t mean absolutely. The boys from San’er’s family and the children from Datian’s family are both pretty good. So I and the other two Lao Immortals After some discussion, I felt that it would be most appropriate to decide the outcome by fighting. Of course, the comparison is not about the individual, but the strength of his subordinates. The stronger the subordinates are, the more things they can do in the future.” The old man’s words immediately aroused the excitement of everyone. talk.
At this moment, a child wearing a melon hat hurriedly walked in. After bowing, he said, “Ancestor, there is a guest outside.”
“Guest? Who is it?” the old man asked.
“I heard that he is the commander of Institute 507. The car has already arrived at the front door and is waiting for your call.” The boy replied.
“Institute 507? We and Institute 507 have always been on the same page.