t this something that appeared in our dreams?” “

t this something that appeared in our dreams?” ”
Yes, it’s unmistakable, this is the feeling.”
“Could it be that he Is this the incarnation of the mountain god? This is simply unbelievable.”
These messy voices were so intertwined that it was almost difficult to hear what they were saying.
Instead, the leader of the black bats rushed forward, stared at Yin Kuang, and said: “What’s going on with that light on your body? Why do you have this magical power that only the mountain god has.”
Yin Kuang thought to himself: “Sure enough, So! No wonder the purple dragon soul in his body was restless when he passed through this mountain range last time, clearly sensing the presence of his companions. The legend of Narnia is true! This mountain range is basically the transformation of a dead purple dragon. Success! In other words, Aslan once killed a purple dragon that accidentally entered Narnia (Note 1)! The purple dragon’s body and soul are immortal, and the broken purple dragon soul that remains left behind caused this place. The mutations in the creatures in the mountains make them stronger than other creatures in Narnia.” Thinking of this, Yin Kuang secretly clenched his fists, “If the guess about Narnia’s ultimate mission is correct, I should put it Done! Not for anything else, just to collect the purple dragon souls remaining in this mountain range!”
Thinking like this, Yin Kuang said to the black bat leader: “This is my innate ability.”
The black bat leader’s His eyes widened, “Could it be that you are the one favored by God!?”
“Yes or no is not important,” Yin Kuang shook his head and said, “At least you should be able to believe that I have no ill intentions. Because I have nothing to do with this place. The mountains that raised you have the same atmosphere. And now my request is not high, I just need to use the road to pass by. The evil creatures in Narnia are threatening the safety of the north, and we must destroy them. And to destroy them, We must use this canyon.”
Black Bat’s eyes flickered, and he looked Yin Kuang up and down again. After thinking for a while, he said: “I can let you go! But you must agree to me. Fighting in the canyon is prohibited. This is a sacred mountain and must not be Stained by dirty blood. If you can’t do it, even if you have the same aura as the ‘Mountain God’, we will still punish you!” As he spoke, the black bat opened his mouth and sent out circles of silent sound waves, and then, it was like The dark cloud-like black bats dispersed like a tide, and soon went back to their respective caves, each looking for its mother.
Finally, Black Bat said: “Young man, I am very interested in the aura on your body. Are you willing to accept my invitation?”
/Then, Yin Kuang received a reminder from the principal: Do you accept the invitation from the master of Bat Village?
Other than that, there is no information.
Yin Kuang was stunned for a moment, feeling that there was something fishy in this mission, and said, “What an honor! But we have to wait until