p, and shouted: “There’s a car accident here! Call an ambulance!”

p, and shouted: “There’s a car accident here! Call an ambulance!”
Beavis lay there pretending to be dead and squeezed his arms hard. He took a blood bag and quietly wiped some of it to his mouth. The blood was flowing along the ground, looking scary.
After driving a few kilometers, Hannah found an overpass crossing the road.
He parked the motorcycle on the side of the road, took out his binoculars and looked at the road ahead. He pressed Augustin’s number and asked after being connected: “The car is coming?”
“Yes, get ready. Angelo and the others blocked the road. There is no car behind me.”
Hannah smiled happily, sat on the railing and looked back. , saw a black truck coming from a distance,
“What is that?”
In the escort car, the radio was playing Beatles music, and one of the security guards felt the car body vibrate and asked.
The driver said: “Maybe it was hit by a rock.”
Hannah lay on the top of the escort vehicle, gasping for breath in excitement.
The body is taller than other cars, so others cannot see her, and anyone who has nothing to do will stare at the roof.
Bernie has a little problem here.
When Hannah jumped off, an old man in a car on the overpass saw her and screamed: “Old woman! Look, someone committed suicide by jumping off the bridge!” The
quite old woman looked out the window and saw Bernie. As if nothing had happened, it didn’t look like he was committing suicide. He squinted and said, “You didn’t take your medicine this morning, did you? The doctor said you can’t stop even after a meal. There is a road below, not water. I committed suicide on the overpass because of my poor brain. What if I can’t die?” , How uncomfortable it is to be disabled.” She
struggled to open the escape hatch on the roof of the car, and Hannah opened the lid and got in. The car was full of wooden boxes.
She reached into her breast pocket and took out a piece of paper with the recipient written on it: “Xuan Han.”
“Big wooden box, big wooden box Han, eh!? No!”
Hannah’s face turned pale instantly, and in her mind Suddenly it popped up, whether Angelo and Augustine had teamed up to secretly swallow the stolen goods. I searched carefully again, but still couldn’t find it.
Unwilling to give up, he opened a wooden box that matched Angelo’s description. It contained a set of knight’s armor. He opened the straw and couldn’t find the painting tube. He said angrily: “Fuck! I knew it was unreliable!” He
opened the wooden box and picked out a few items that were still valuable. stuff into the bag, and easily leave through the escape hatch at the top. When passing by a river, jump in with all your strength.
/The old man who just came down from the overpass also walked this way. When he saw this scene, he shouted: “Old woman! Old woman! Someone really jumped into the river this time!”
The old woman closed her eyes and pointed at him dissatisfied. I looked at the river, and saw a group of wild ducks swimming on the river, and the water was rippling.
Sighing deeply, he found an orange tr