ght long… There are many ‘ifs’ even if one of them hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it. Such a result.”

ght long… There are many ‘ifs’ even if one of them hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it. Such a result.”
“You are so humble, great attacker.”
“This is not humility but a name for self-knowledge. By the way, Tugra, did you catch the beast I asked you to capture alive?” ”
/I was just doing it. I want to report to you that the soldiers have just hunted a ‘Megalodon’, which is the most ferocious beast on the island. If it were not led by a leader who has the power to cast spells, it would be impossible to succeed.”
“Really,” Zhang Lisheng He sighed and said, “But there are only 400 warriors left in the tribe who have the power to cast spells. It seems that the ‘Gift Ceremony’ will be held again, this time…” The
young man calculated the number of spirit ‘Golden Pills’ on hand. , when the human gathering place was attacked by the ‘tribal alliance’, he took the risk and stole one hundred and seven; last night when he conquered the tribes of ‘Samru’, ‘Pelunga’ and ‘Airuya’, due to the lack of peace in the middle and late stages of the war, A few spirits escaped. What was supposed to be a harvest of more than 190 pieces was actually only 156 pieces.
Even so, the sum of the two amounts to 263 ‘golden elixirs’, which can be broken into approximately 6,500 ‘pieces’ according to past practice, adding 1,900 to ‘Tudenan’. Named ‘Super Hellman’.
After careful calculation, Zhang Lisheng was also shocked by what he had gained in the past few days. After thinking for a while, he continued: “This time, we will first recruit 6,500 warriors who voluntarily accept the ‘Gift Ceremony’. Well, we will also expand the army to 150,000 people.” ”
I obey, attackers.” Picture Guerra leaned down and buried his head on the ground.
“The ‘fruit’ from last time has not been digested yet. This time I have eaten a bigger ‘fruit’. The tribe seems to be thriving. But the actual foundation is already unstable, but the opportunity to attack ‘Kamando’ is close at hand. , we must seize it… In short, you have to grasp the proportions.”
“Yes. Great attacker.”
“In addition, since we have occupied more than two-thirds of the island, it is already possible to establish the tribe’s ‘separated area’ In Bixing, 300,000 people were divided to establish a new tribe at the original location of ‘Airua’ in the middle of the island. Fishing grounds can be built there not far from the beach, and hunting grounds can also be maintained. Later, the
Kamanduo tribe was conquered , also build a ‘separation settlement’ at the southern end, with 300,000 people also divided, and ‘Tudenan’ will completely occupy the entire island.
Another thing is that the tribe’s fishing boats can already sail out of the shallow sea to fish, and the underground rivers The dependence on fishing will become smaller and smaller in the future, but this is always the foundation of ‘Tudenan’, do you understand?” Zhang Lisheng pointed downward and said.
“I understand, attacker.”
Seeing the submissive look of the leader of Tudenan, Zhang Lisheng smiled,