he immediately transforms back into the tomboy mode.

he immediately transforms back into the tomboy mode.
Liu Gan did not answer Anna’s question, but directly stuffed a cleaned pine root into his mouth and chewed it.
“Wow! This thing tastes good! Just like celery! I have grown up so big, but I never knew that pine roots are edible!” Guo Tian couldn’t help but marveled after imitating Liu Gan and putting pine roots into his mouth to chew.
/“It tastes really good.” The other team members also nodded. After eating compressed food for a few days, tasting the fresh celery-flavored pine roots gave people a particularly refreshing feeling, as if they were smelling the breath of spring.
“Pine roots are rich in calories, minerals and vitamins, which can fill our stomachs and enhance our body’s immunity.” Liu Gan said and dug out some pine roots from below the ground.
“There are so many things you need to know to survive in the wild. I’m afraid I, Guo Tian, ??won’t be able to finish learning with Master Liu in my lifetime!” Guo Tian squatted down and helped Liu Gan scrub the dug pine tree roots with snow. , and handed it to other team members.
“You and Brother Liu have too much to learn. Brother Liu is a real man and you are just a little brat.” Anna kicked Guo Tian on the butt and almost kicked Guo Tian into Liu Gan’s dug room. In the snow pit.
“I know you are jealous of me, but no matter how jealous you are, Mr. Liu will still sleep with me at night, not you.” Guo Tian touched his butt with a nonchalant look on his face.
“Talk less, save some energy.” Liu Gan threw a large pile of pine roots dug out from the ground in front of Guo Tian.
The pine roots are still a bit fresh when you first eat them. If you eat too much, they will feel a bit unpleasant, and your stomach will feel a little uncomfortable after eating them. This stuff isn’t real food after all. However, the willow stems that the team members did not eat were not wasted. They ate them all by themselves. He consumed the most energy along the way and needed to replenish them the most.
“These buds on the pine trees are also edible.” After Liu Gan finished eating the roots, he reached out and pulled down the branches of the pine tree, pulled off a handful of buds and handed them to everyone.
/When Liu Qian was in the real world, because he often participated in various outdoor adventures and extreme sports, he learned a lot of outdoor survival knowledge from the Internet and various other channels, and many of them were used when he went on expeditions. So the memory is very deep.
Although the buds of pine trees are edible, they don’t taste very good and are not as good as the roots of pine trees. The team members didn’t eat much after they tasted it. They haven’t finished eating the compressed food they brought from the liaison station. They are not yet unbearably hungry, so they are not interested in this kind of food that does not taste very good. kind.
Although there are woods here, there is still snow everywhere in the woods, and it is very thick snow. There are no animals such as hares in i